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Offshore Tri-Radial Dacron Sails

Highest Performance in a Dacron Sail

The Rolly Tasker High Performance Tri-Radial Offshore sails are developed for performance orientated club racers and cruising sailors. Our premium cruising sails are designed in tri-radial cut and made out of quality Dacron such as Newport ProRadial from Challenge Sailcloth.

Tri-Radial Dacron Sails: Custom Goods

Our standard specification includes:

  • Tri-Radial Design for Performance and Longevity

  • Individual sail design

  • Premium Dacron Challenge Newport ProRadial

  • Seams triple stitch with UV stabilized thread

  • Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing

  • Radial patches

  • Strong batten pockets with velcro lock or tie in type

  • Mainsails are constructed with alloy headboards

  • Webbed on luff hardware

  • Low stretch leech line with clam cleat

  • Two draft stripes for visual reference of sail shape

  • Full rows of tell-tales

  • XL sail bag and sail tie or long bags as option

Custom Options to Optimize Performance on your boat:

  • Full Battens or 2 Full Plus 2 Partial Batten Design for Main Sails

  • Reinforced Reef Points for Main Sails

  • Reinforced Cunningham for Main Sails

  • Tell Tale Windows for better viewing

  • Hanks or Roller Furling Designs for the Head Sail

  • Foam Luff for Roller Furling Head Sails

  • Sunbrella on Leach and Foot for Roller Furling Head Sails

  • Challenge Warp Drive Premium Sailcloth for Added Performance and Life

Tri-Radial Dacron Sails: Welcome
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Tri-Radial Offshore Sails

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