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PHRF Performance Sails

Great Sails for the PHRF Racer

Rri-Radial Performance Laminate

Performance for Serious Offshore and PHRF Racing

For the demanding PHRF racer this mid-price laminate is perfect for sophisticated sails for offshore sailing and PHRF racing. It is a step above traditional Dacron sails but just as easily handled, these sails will hold their shape much longer.

S2 Tri Radial.jpg
Performance-Lite-Skin-Sails - Vert Quote

Lite Skin Sails

High Performance in Lighter Weight

Rolly Tasker Lite Skin Sails are the perfect sail for the serious PHRF racer.  Lite Skin® range of fabrics is suited to high performance at a mid-range price.  Keeps weight aloft low in a high performance sail

Tape Carbon Sails - The Ultimate in Performance

The Ultimate in Performance

Tape Carbon Sails are the Ultimate in One Design and PHRF racing sails.  A lighter sail with extreme shape holding properties ensures strong and durable construction. Made from a Dimension Polyant single taffeta base laminate with carbon tapes laid in load direction. These sails are excellent for the demanding performance sailors at a fraction of the price of the other guys sails.

Carbon Tape 1 Vertical.jpg
Performance Sails: Skills
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