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Asym Cruising Spinnaker

The Most Versatile Off-Wind Cruising Sail

The unique Code C sail developed by Rolly Tasker Sails is our universal cruising sail for all courses lower than actually beating close-hauled upwind.
Code C stands for cruising.

Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnaker: Custom Goods

Optimized design unrestricted by rating rules

The Rolly Tasker Sails Code C is very different to this. No rating considerations have influenced the sail design. The design is optimized for the best use for cruising sailors in a wide range of wind angles. And also to be easily handled. This is achieved through the straight luff with the integrated anti-torsion luff rope. This design enables the sail to be set flying on its own, dedicated furler. Which means great simplicity and security in setting and recovering the sail. Hoist the sail when furled and unfurl whenever you are ready. And before lowering the sail, just furl it again the recover it neatly and without any hassle. The luff design makes for an easy and clean furl.

For which courses off the wind?

The sail is best used at wind angles between 65 and 135 degrees, from a shy reach to a board reach and even further downwind. When using a spinnaker pole, the sail can even be utilized straight down-wind. Like a poled-out Genoa but with substantially more power.

Pre-fabricated for best value

The Code C sail is fabricated from spinnaker nylon in different weights according to size. The sail is available in 14 different sizes from 32 to 150 square metres (344 to 1614 square feet) with luff lengths varying in steps of 70 to 90 centimetres (2,3 to 2,95 feet). At Rolly Tasker Sails, we are committed to always delivering the best value for money to our customers. The Code C sail is pre-fabricated “Prêt-à-porter” in a standard black-white-red colour scheme. This allows us to offer the sail at a sensational price which might even recoup the cost of the extra furler when compared to a custom-made sail.

Our standard specification includes:

  • Produced in 14 sizes for most popular custom build boats

  • Full-Radial panel layout

  • 0.75, 1.5 or 2.2 oz Spinnaker Nylon

  • Strong Radial Patches (Offshore Range)

  • Head, Tack and Clew labeling

  • Colour-coded leech and foot tapes

  • Webbed on corner rings for easy attachment

  • Large drawstrong sail bags

  • Black, white, red star design

Options Include:

  • Spinnaker Sock

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