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Downwind Sails

Custom Performance Spinnakers and Code Zero Sails

Custom Symmetrical Spinnakers

Full Radial and Tri-Radial Designs For Speed

The Full Radial or Tri-Radial design is the most popular choice and strongest construction. The radial shaped panels fan out from the three corners Head, Clew and Tack and run throughout the sail. The Tri-Radial layout, which has horizontal panels in the middle, is eligible for smaller sails with lower loads. The Tri-Radial design provides a more economical option for performance Spinnakers.

Symetrical Spin Boat - Vert.jpg

Asymmetric Race Spinnaker

Designed for Speed

Rolly Tasker’s Asymmetric Race Spinnakers have been developed by our professional team with a background in cutting edge sail design, using performance optimized software. Our Asymmetric Spinnakers are available in 6 different models from Code Zeros to Heavy Wind Runners for the best performance on every course. They are constructed to the highest level of quality materials.

Cruising Asym Spinnakers

Easy to Handle Spinnakers for Cruising

The unique Code C sail developed by Rolly Tasker Sails is our universal cruising sail for all courses lower than close-hauled upwind. C stands for cruising. This sail is easy to handle for short handed crew and keeps you move towards your next anchorage at speed.

Code C Vert.png
Downwind Sails: Skills
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