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Cruising and Club Racing Sails

Great Performance at a Great Price

Cruising Sails: Skills

Costal Cruising Sails

Great Value for Cruising and Club Racing

Rolly Tasker Coastal Sails are designed for recreational cruisers and club racers who look for a combination of durability and performance for boats up to 36ft. The sails are built utilizing a crosscut design with a strong construction finish.  The sails utilize High Modulus Dacron fabrics to ensure durability and shape holding.

Offshore Sails

Custom Made - High Quality Dacron Sails

These sails are manufactured to our highest construction and finish standards to guarantee trouble free long life and performance. They are extremely strong and low in stretch due to choosing the highest quality Dacron available from the world’s leading cloth manufacturers. We recommend this range for boats above 37ft.  Great for Club Racing, as well as, coastal, blue water and ocean passage making.

Dacron Offshore.jpg

Tri-Radial Dacron Sails

Better Performance Life in a Dacron Sail

This design utilizes the quality and fit and finish in a Tri-Radial Design.  A tri-radial sails utilize panels of materials radiating from the three corners of the sail. The long, or “warp” fibers of the material are oriented to align with the primary load paths. Better alignment results in lower stretch improving shape holding. Tri-radial sails provide a performance upgrade for those who are looking for more than what  classic cross cut sails can provide.

Tri-Radial Laminate Sails

The Ultimate in Performance Cruising and Club Racing

One step up from tri-radial Dacron sails, our tri-radial Laminate provides even more performance for the demanding cruiser and PHRF racer.  We utilize Contenders CDX Pro Polyester Laminate for sophisticated sails for offshore sailing and club racing yachts of up to 50 feet length.  These are the sails I have on my 44 foot Performance Cruiser. 

One step up from traditional Dacron sails but just as easily handled, these sails will hold their shape much longer.  

Trial Radial CDX2 - Vertical.jpg
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