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Lite Skin Sails

The Ultimate in Performance Sails

for Club and PHRF Racing

We are proud to introduce a new Lite Skin® range of sails suited to high performance at a mid-range price.  Keeps weight aloft low and holds shape better for increased performance on the race course.

Lite Skin Performance Sails: Custom Goods

Lite Skin Sails Balance Price and Performance for PHRF Racers

Lite Skin, by dimensions polyant, is a great option for the performance sailor.  The material has equal strength in all directions for great shape holding.  Because the strength runs in all directions, we can build a cross cut sail with the performance of a tri-radial sail, saving money on the design and putting it towards the best quality material.  

The addition of Dimension-Polyant Lite Skin® outer layers protects the film, reduces film shrink over time, offers less water absorption than a traditional taffeta and provides increased chafe protection from film only laminates. The external layer is coated with UVt®, DP’s proprietary UV and anti-microbial finish to increase UV protection while deterring mildew growth. The fabric feels soft hand for good handling and attributes a lighter weight than typical cruise laminates with taffeta on both sides. Thanks to the characteristics of laminate construction the sails are less sensitive for delaminating, thus longer lasting than membrane sails in particular in high UV stress areas. The Lite and Medium weights are 100% polyester, constructed for smaller boats up to 35 foot. The Heavy version for boats up to 40′ steps up to a aramid scrim for reduced material stretch.

Our standard specification includes:

  • Individual sail design

  • Dimenson-Polyant Grey Lite Skin, Polyester or Aramid based

  • Seams triple stitch with UV stabilized thread

  • Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing

  • Strong radial patches

  • Strong batten pockets with velcro lock or tie in type

  • Mainsails are constructed with alloy headboards

  • Webbed on luff hardware

  • Low stretch leech line with clam cleat

  • Two draft stripes for visual reference of sail shape

  • Full rows of tell-tales

  • XL sail bag including sail tie, long bags as option

Custom Options to Optimize Performance on your boat:

  • Full Battens or 2 Full Plus 2 Partial Batten Design

  • Reinforced Reef Points in Main

  • Reinforced Cunningham in Main

  • Tell Tale Windows for better viewing

  • Hanks or Racing Foil Designs

  • Foam Luff for Roller Furling

  • Sunbrella on Leach and Foot for Roller Furling

  • Long Zipper Bag

  • Wire Luff

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