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Symmetrical Spinnaker

Custom Made - Radial Design for Performance

Offered in Full Radial design or Tri-Radial Design for shape holding and performance. The radial shaped panels fan out from the three corners Head, Clew and Tack and run throughout the sail.  The Tri-Radial Design utilizes horizontal panels in the middle as a more economical alternative.  All are custom made for your boat in your choice of colors.

Symmetrical Spinnaker: Custom Goods

The benefit of both constructions is that the stress, which is radiating from Head, Clew and Tack into the sail, is along the seams instead of across them. The result is a strong sail and minimizes stretch and distortion. Furthermore the radial construction allows a more precise alignment of loads, while the number of panels enables the use of 3-D shaping and creating the optimum flying shape. In addition to the sail design our excellent handcraft finish ensures precision shaped panels, strength, durability and performance.

Our standard specification includes:

  • Individual Sail design

  • Full or Tri-Radial panel layout

  • US or European Spinnaker Cloth

  • Strong radial patches (Offshore range)

  • Head, Tack and Clew labelling

  • Color-coded leech and foot tapes

  • Webbed on corner rings for easy attachment of sheets

  • Large sail bags, Turtle bags are an additional cost

  • Up to 3 colors included

Custom Options to Maximize Performance:

  • Additional Colors above 3

  • Spinnaker Sock

  • Racing Spinnaker

  • Heavy Duty - 2.2 once Spinnaker

  • Turtle Bag

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Symmetrical Spinnakers

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