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Catalina Sails

Unlike the Other Guys, Our Sails are Customer Made for Your Boat

All of our Sails are custom made and we can provide sails from economical OEM Spec Sails  to the Ultimate Tape Carbon Race sail.  The following provides pricing for many of the standard configurations that Catalina Owners demand.  In our standard package we offer three levels from Deluxe to Club Race and PHRF/One Design Race.

Catalina 22 boat.jpeg

Catalina 22

Custom Made for

Your Boat

Catalina 25.jpeg

Catalina 25

Custom Made for

Standard or Tall Rig

Catalina 27 Tall.jpeg

Catalina 27

Custom Made for

Standard or Tall Rig

Catalina 30 Std.jpg

Catalina 30

Custom Made for
Standard or Tall Rig

Catalina 320.jpeg

Catalina 320

Custom Made for
Your Boat

Custom Sailing Design

Other Catalina Sails

We will provide a custom quote for all Catalinas

Catalina Sails: Skills

About our Catalina Sails

Custom Made for Your Catalina

All of our Catalina Sails are Custom Made, But we wanted to make it easy so we have provided basic sail options which you can modify.  Our options include three levels of sail including Standard, Club Race and PHRF Race.

Standard Sails

These are built to OEM standards or higher and made of Dacron in a cross cut design.  This provides a high quality, economical sail for cruising and club racing.  

Catalina Sails: About
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